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Simple Lunchbox Desserts

It’s that time of year again, where kids are off to school. You’re running out of ideas for lunches, especially sweets. Check out this comprehensive recipe roundup for (literally) dozens of fun ideas! (The kids are gonna love these!)

What can I Put in my Kid’s Lunchbox?

The age-old question! For those of us who’ve been around long enough, we can remember PB&J sandwiches, chips, apples, and so on.

Sometimes, if we were lucky, mom would throw in a Rice Crispy treat. (Homemade, of course!)

Or, maybe, if she’d been baking, we might have Oatmeal cookies or even Snickerdoodles. I was a huge fan of my Mama’s Chocolate Chip cookies, of course. And her Old-Fashioned Sugar Cookies were out of this world.

The possibilities were endless.

These days? Well, let’s just say that most kids get store-bought goodies in their lunch boxes. And let’s be honest: there are a lot of them to choose from, cleverly packaged to make kids drool.

But I’m still of the opinion that homemade is best, especially when it comes to desserts. With that in mind, I’ve reached out to dozens of food bloggers to ask for their personal favorites.

With their help, I’ve compiled a Master List of Lunchbox desserts, perfect to pack in your kiddo’s lunch!

There are healthy options, fun options, colorful options, and creative options! In short, you’ll find plenty to choose from here.

Packing Lunches can be Fun!

Once you see the list we’ve come up with, you’re going to get really excited! There are cookies, bars, snack cakes, even gummies!

Not only will you be able to offer the kids homemade options, you can even ask them to help you make them the day ahead!

Or, spend Sunday baking up sweet treats for the week ahead. (Fun, right? Baking with Kids is one of my favorite things to do.)

No matter how or when you mix them up, these desserts will sure come in handy when you’re packing that lunchbox.

So, what are we waiting for? Let’s check out these fun lunchbox dessert options!

Simple Lunchbox Desserts

Enjoy this master list of fun lunchbox desserts!

That’s it for this post, friends! I hope you enjoyed this delicious recipe. 

If you make any of these delicious recipes and love them, don’t forget to leave a review on the page where you found it.

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