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Easy Cinnamon Breakfast Bakes

If you’re a cinnamon lover, you’ve come to the right place! In this post I’m going to share dozens of recipes for breakfast bakes that all have the same delightful and aromatic spice. . .cinnamon!

Easy Cinnamon Breakfast Bakes from Out of the Box Baking

Is Cinnamon a Breakfast Food?

Easy Cinnamon Breakfast Bakes from Out of the Box Baking

Have you ever wondered why cinnamon is found in so many different types of breakfast foods? What is it about cinnamon in the morning? Why do you suppose it’s so popular?

You’ll find it in cinnamon rolls, cinnamon bread, sprinkled on French toast or in oatmeal. . .cinnamon is literally everywhere!

Cinnamon scones, cinnamon muffins, cinnamon granola. . .the possibilities are endless. But, why? Is there a reason?

Turns Out, Cinnamon is Perfect in the Morning!

Easy Cinnamon Breakfast Bakes from Out of the Box Baking

Here are some top reasons why people choose cinnamon with their first meal of the day:

Cinnamon stimulates the senses: Some folks love the smell of coffee because it helps them wake up. In many ways, cinnamon has the same effect. It’s pungent and lovely, and awakens the senses.

Cinnamon makes food more appealing. Let’s face it: that bowl of oatmeal can look (and taste) a little bland. Same with a bowl of yogurt. Toss in some cinnamon and. . .pow! The whole bowl comes alive!

Metabolism booster: Some folks believe that cinnamon is a metabolism booster, which is yet another reason why it’s so good in the mornings. After a long night’s sleep, you need that boost!

Health benefits: Although it hasn’t been proven, many people are convinced that cinnamon lowers your blood sugar. So, consuming it first thing in the morning is a great way to kick off your day. Cinnamon’s great for digestion: just one more reason why you might want to kick off your day with a cinnamon-infused meal.

Cinnamon and Sugar, an Amazing Combination

Easy Cinnamon Breakfast Bakes from Out of the Box Baking

Now, I’m not going to pretend that the treats in my list below are healthy. They’re not. But I can promise you that they are intoxicating.

Baking with cinnamon can add warmth to sweet treats, and the sugar adds just the right amount of sweetness to counter-balance the spice.

I happen to love Vietnamese cinnamon (which I purchase at Amazon). The type of cinnamon you use can make a difference. Once you find one you love, try it in a variety of dishes.

And don’t forget that many other spices pair well with cinnamon: nutmeg, for instance. Cloves. Ginger. These are all flavors that blend nicely with cinnamon.

One last thought before we dive into the recipes: Remember that cinnamon is pretty strong, so start with a small amount and adjust to your taste. You can definitely experiment with the types (and amount) of cinnamon in these recipes. In other words, make them your own!

Easy Cinnamon Breakfast Bakes

As promised, here are our top cinnamon-infused breakfast treats from Out of the Box Baking!

That’s it for this post, friends! I hope you enjoyed these delicious breakfast recipes!

Don’t forget to leave a review and a comment below. And while you’re at it, go ahead and pin some photos to your Pinterest boards!

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