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101 A-Gourd-able Pumpkin Quotes

Enjoy these warm and delightful quotes, perfect for fall. If you love all things pumpkin, these are the quotes for you!

What is it about Pumpkin Spice?

Before the summer has even drifted into the cooler days of fall, folks are already gearing up for pumpkin spice season. But, why? What is it about pumpkin spice that draws them in?

People often crave warm, comforting, and nostalgic flavors during this time of year, and pumpkin spice offers a taste of autumn in a cup or a bite. This aromatic spice mix typically includes cinnamon, nutmeg, cloves, and ginger, evoke feelings of warmth and yesteryear.

These flavors also put people in mind of autumn-themed baked goods: pumpkin pie, pumpkin bread, and a host of other flavorful favorites.

With that in mind, we’ve compiled 101 great quotes about pumpkin, guaranteed to put you in the mood for fall!

101 Great Pumpkin Quotes

Settle back with your mug of Pumpkin Spice Latte and enjoy these delicious quotes about pumpkin from Out of the Box Baking!

101 A-Gourd-able Pumpkin Quotes from Out of the Box Baking

1. “Pumpkin spice and everything nice.”

2. “Life starts all over again when it gets crisp in the fall.” – F. Scott Fitzgerald

3. “Sweater weather and pumpkin spice everything.”

4. “Pumpkin spice and everything nice, that’s what autumn is made of.”

5. “Fall is the season of pumpkin spice and everything nice.”

6. “Pumpkin spice: Because it’s fall somewhere.”

7. “There is magic in the night when pumpkins glow by moonlight.” – Unknown

8. “Pumpkin spice: The key to my heart in the fall.”

9. “I’m just a girl standing in front of a pumpkin spice latte, asking it to love her.”

10. “Autumn leaves and pumpkins please.”

11. “Pumpkin spice: Because cinnamon is too mainstream.”

12. “Pumpkin spice and everything nice, that’s what makes autumn so cozy.”

13. “Fall in love with pumpkin spice.”

14. “Pumpkin spice and cozy nights, that’s what autumn is all about.”

15. “Pumpkin spice and everything nice, that’s what makes autumn my favorite.”

16. “Pumpkin spice: Because sometimes basic is beautiful.”

17. “The only thing getting ‘lit’ this weekend are my fall-scented candles.” – Unknown

18. Pumpkin pie is the sweetest way to end a meal.” – Unknown

19. “Pumpkin spice makes everything nice.”

20. “I’m so glad I live in a world where there are Octobers.” – L.M. Montgomery

21. “Pumpkin pie: Because it’s never too early for dessert.” – Unknown

22. Pumpkin pie is a slice of heaven on a plate.” – Unknown

23. “A forkful of pumpkin pie is a bite of nostalgia.” – Unknown

24. “Pumpkin pie is the heartwarming taste of fall.” – Unknown

25. “There’s always room for a piece of pumpkin pie.” – Unknown

26. “Pumpkin pie is the grand finale of any Thanksgiving feast.” – Unknown

27. “Pumpkin pie is like a warm hug for your taste buds.” – Unknown

28. “Life is short; eat the pumpkin pie.” – Unknown

29. “Pumpkin pie: A little slice of perfection.” – Unknown

30. “Pumpkin pie is the unofficial symbol of Thanksgiving.” – Unknown

30. “Pumpkin pie is the crown jewel of autumn desserts.” – Unknown

31. “Pumpkin pie is a delicious reminder that good things take time.” – Unknown

32. “Pumpkin pie is the answer, no matter what the question is.” – Unknown

33. “Pumpkin pie is a classic that never goes out of style.” – Unknown

34. “Pumpkin pie is like a love letter from the kitchen.” – Unknown

35. “Pumpkin pie is the dessert that dreams are made of.” – Unknown

36. “Pumpkin pie is the taste of tradition.” – Unknown

37. “A day without pumpkin pie is a day wasted.” – Unknown

38. “Pumpkin pie is proof that happiness is homemade.” – Unknown

39. “A pumpkin is a gourd-geous work of art.” – Unknown

40. “Pumpkins are the friendliest of all vegetables.” – Gary Trudeau

41. “The sight of a pumpkin reminds us that sometimes we must endure a little prickly time to achieve the beauty that lies within.” – Unknown

42. “Pumpkins are the Cinderella of the garden, transforming into something magical on Halloween night.” – Unknown

43. “A pumpkin is just a little bit of earth and a ray of sunshine molded into one.” – Unknown

44. “Pumpkins are like people; they come in all shapes and sizes.” – Unknown

45. “Pumpkin spice latte, you complete me.”

46. “A pumpkin is the ultimate symbol of autumn’s bounty.” – Unknown

47. “Pumpkins teach us that change can be beautiful.” – Unknown

48. “A pumpkin on the doorstep is a happy house’s best accessory.” – Unknown

49. “A pumpkin is nature’s way of showing off.” – Unknown

50. “Pumpkins bring warmth to our hearts and flavor to our pies.” – Unknown

51. “The humble pumpkin is the VIP of the vegetable world in the fall.” – Unknown

52. “Pumpkin spice and everything nice, that’s what autumn smells like.”

53. “There’s something magical about a field of pumpkins ready for picking.” – Unknown

54. “Pumpkins are the canvas of fall, ready to be carved into works of art.” – Unknown

55. “Pumpkins remind us that beauty comes in all shapes and sizes.” – Unknown

56. “A pumpkin’s journey from seed to jack-o’-lantern is a story of growth and transformation.” – Unknown

57. “Pumpkins are proof that nature is an artist.” – Unknown

58. “A pumpkin is a little slice of autumn you can hold in your hands.” – Unknown

59. “Pumpkins are the spice of life in the fall.” – Unknown

60. “There are three things I’ve learned never to discuss with people: religion, politics, and the Great Pumpkin.” – Linus van Pelt, “It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown”

61. “Pumpkins are great. Everything should taste like pumpkin.” – Hannah O’Reilly

62. “I would rather sit on a pumpkin, and have it all to myself, than be crowded on a velvet cushion.” – Henry David Thoreau

63. “Pumpkins scream in the dead of night.” – Smashing Pumpkins

64. “Pumpkin pie is the most essential part of Thanksgiving.” – Nate Berkus

65. “I’m so glad I live in a world where there are Octobers.” – L.M. Montgomery, “Anne of Green Gables”

66. “Autumn, the year’s last, loveliest smile.” – William Cullen Bryant

67. “Pumpkins and wine make everything fine.” – Unknown

68. “Autumn carries more gold in its pocket than all the other seasons.” – Jim Bishop

69. “Every pumpkin in the patch is unique, just like every person in the world.” – Unknown

70. “The only thing getting ‘lit’ this weekend are my fall-scented candles.” – Unknown

71. “Autumn shows us how beautiful it is to let things go.” – Unknown

72. “Pumpkin spice up your life.”

73. “There is magic in the night when pumpkins glow by moonlight.” – Unknown

74. “Every pumpkin has its own beauty.”

75. “Happiness is a day called ‘Pumpkin Season.'”

76. “Pumpkins are the gourds of my dreams.”

77. “Autumn and pumpkins: The perfect pair.”

78. “Pumpkins are the stars of the fall harvest.”

79. “In a world full of apples, be a pumpkin.”

80. “Pumpkins: Where beauty and deliciousness collide.”

81. “Pumpkins: Nature’s way of saying, ‘It’s time for pie.'”

82. “The magic of autumn begins with the first pumpkin.”

83. “A pumpkin a day keeps the goblins away.”

84. “Pumpkins are like people – they come in all shapes and sizes.”

85. “Pumpkins: The original jack-o’-lanterns.”

86. “Pumpkins are the canvas of fall.”

87. “Life is gourd when you have pumpkins.”

88. “Pumpkins: The ultimate symbol of fall.”

89. “A pumpkin is a little autumn magic in every slice.”

90. “Pumpkins are proof that nature is an artist.”

91. “Pumpkins: The crown jewel of the harvest season.”

92. “Pumpkins: The reason we love autumn.”

93. “Pumpkin spice: A hug in a mug.”

94. “Pumpkin spice makes everything feel nice.”

95. “Life is gourd when you’ve got pumpkin spice.”

96. “Pumpkin spice lattes and cozy sweaters: Fall essentials.”

97. “Pumpkin spice: The official scent of autumn.”

98. “Autumn leaves and pumpkin spice dreams.”

99. “The only thing better than a pumpkin pie is a pumpkin spice latte.”

100. “Pumpkin spice and everything nice, that’s what makes autumn a delight.”

101. “Sweater weather and pumpkin spice make everything better.”

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