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Canned Biscuit Pocket Pies

If you love those golden, delicious little pocket pies, the ones you can hold in your hand and eat without a fork, you’re going to love this quick recipe.
Whether you love sweet or savory pies, this is one that will work for your next get-together. And best of all, this recipe starts with one simple ingredient that you probably have in your refrigerator right now: canned biscuits.

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Bananas Foster Pound Cake (from scratch)

If you find yourself with overripe bananas, have I got the perfect recipe for you! This Bananas Foster Pound Cake is sublime–loaded with bananas, brown sugar, butter, and walnuts. Best of all, it comes together easily and the recipe is big enough to make two full loaves of cake! You’ll have one for the family and another to give to a friend.

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Easy Apple Pie Monkey Bread Muffins (using canned biscuits)

If you love caramel apples, apple pie, or monkey bread… You’re going to absolutely love this new recipe for apple pie monkey bread biscuits. You can whip them together in minutes just like traditional monkey bread but this recipe focuses on individual portion sized muffins that you can share with your friends and family without the mess!

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